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Skype: qiansheng_light facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qianshenglight/?skip_nax_wizard=true facebook: https://twitter.com/Qianshenglight info@qianshenglight.com

Industry News >> How to choose LED strip lighting?

With the improvement of people's living environment requirements, to save power and long life LED
strip lights with known, become more and more families in the decoration of the new house the necessary choices, however, in the purchase of LED strip lights with time, You have to keep their eyes open, beware of traps and errors. Because the market is flooded with a lot of low-quality LED lights, but we can choose to go through the following methods:

1, see the solder.
A formal manufacturer with using SMT SMD technology, used in the production of solder paste and reflow process. Therefore, the LED strip lights with solder joint relatively smooth and not much amount of solder, solder joint is extended arc from FPC to LED at the electrode pad. The uniform version of the cottage LED strip lights with solder solder volume was a dot wrap welding feet, also will have varying degrees of tin tip appears, this is a typical phenomenon in the manual welding.

2, Looking FPC quality.
FPC points of Copper and copper rolling, Bonded Copper foil is projecting, and then look at the connection from the FPC pad see it. And rolled copper FPC is close and connected as a whole can be bent and will not appear pad off phenomenon. Bonded Copper pad will appear if bent too much off, maintenance temperature is too high will cause pad off.

3, See LED strip lights with the cleanliness of the surface.
If the LED lamp produced by SMT technology, the surface cleanliness is very good, can not see any impuritie and dirt. But if by hand welding process for the production of cottage version of LED lamp belt, the surface no matter how cleaning will residual traces of the cleaning of stains and, at the same time the surface of the FPC will have residual flux and tin slag.

4, Look at packaging.
Regular LED strip lights will use anti-static packaging roll tray, usually 5 m or 10 m roll of a roll, and then out again with anti-static moisture-proof bag sealed. The cottage version of LED lights because of the cost savings, while the use of recycled roll tray, then there is no anti-static moisture-proof bags, look carefully roll tray can see the appearance of a label when clear traces and scratches.

5, Look at the label.
Regular LED strip lights with bags and roll above the disk will have a printed label instead of printing labels. The cottage version of the label is printed, as well as specifications and parameters are not unified.

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