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Skype: qiansheng_light facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qianshenglight/?skip_nax_wizard=true facebook: https://twitter.com/Qianshenglight info@qianshenglight.com

Industry News >> Issues related to LED street light inductance
The LED street light market, the basic use of HID light source with flip flops and inductance ballast model. This model although existing energy efficiency is low and the strobe. However, the use of electronic drive circuit LED street lights, in the field when the use of lighting, the threat of its plasticity is an important aspect of the problem of lightning.

Because of the lightning in the air is a broad spectrum of radio waves, and the overhead LED street lamp power supply lines, can be very good to receive radio waves. Receiving two power lines from the same lightning radio waves, to drive circuit in terms of is belongs to the common mode interference signal, the common mode interference of up to hundreds of volts to thousands of volts, it is easy to breakdown driving circuit of EMC connected capacitor or smaller (shell) clearance, resulting in damage to the drive circuit.

Also due to China's power supply line three-phase four wire system with neutral line connected to the polarity of the power supply, so in two overhead power transmission line segments, the moment of radio waves in the induction lightning, due to the different of the two power cables on the instantaneous impedance for the two power cables between a difference mode interference voltage and the instantaneous differential mode interference voltage can also be reached hundreds of volts to 3000 many volts. This voltage tend to breakdown drive circuit in the power rectifier diode and the printed circuit board of different polarity electrode clearance, LED controller will also make damage to a driving circuit.

To solve this problem, the input of the driving circuit must be in the LED, and then the fast response of the voltage sensitive resistor is connected in order to ensure the discharge of the differential mode interference. Due to lightning induced interference is repeated many times, when the interference voltage is high, the varistor instantaneous guide through vent discharge current can be large, so the varistor should not only have rapid response ability, should also be equipped with instantaneous turn-on tens of AMPS discharge capacity and can not be damaged. In addition to the varistor, LED drive circuit of input should also combined with the protection of conduction interference (EMI), design composite LC network, so that the LC network can not only hinder internal EMI of power leakage, and obvious inhibitory effect on lightning interference signal.

And LED drive circuit at each point of the clearance should be maintained at more than 7mm, EMI protection grounding capacitance and driving circuit of insulation strength, should be reinforced insulation (4V+2750V) and so can the LED drive circuit has good resistance to differential mode and common mode of lightning induction.

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