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Skype: qiansheng_light facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qianshenglight/?skip_nax_wizard=true facebook: https://twitter.com/Qianshenglight info@qianshenglight.com

Industry News >> What are the commonly used lamp bases at present

 From the installation point of view, can be divided into bayonet and screw etc., from the material into bakelite, plastics, metals, ceramics and other materials, such as E27 is usually used lamp energy-saving lamp screw socket lamp holder is the most common, and fluorescent lamp is usually called the T8 lamp or T5 lamp and so on, according to the use some environmental protection class up to IP68 holder at the time of purchase, please according to the need to develop IP protection level corresponding to the lamp holder (waterproof socket), usually will use IEC (IEC) safety certification, classification of lamp holder:

E14, E27, E12, E26 and other E at the beginning is usually: screw mouth lamp holders, GU10 and other GU refers to the beginning of our daily bayonet type, GU: G said the lamp type is inserted, U said the lamp part of the U The number followed by the number indicates the center distance of the lamp hole (in millimeters "mm").

MR16, MR11 to MR at the beginning of the direct-type local lighting is a small spotlights commonly used in this lamp holder, usually small spotlights with two pins easy to install. MR16, GU10 is their lamp holder is different, PAR30, PAR38 is different in diameter, are the world's unified standards and names, they are lamp cups, spotlights of the name, each suitable for different ceiling lamp holder. MR16 in the lighting industry refers to the maximum diameter of 2 inches with a multi-faceted reflector lamps, MP11 is smaller than the MR16 lamps. MRMR: Multi-face Reflect, multi-faceted reflector (lamp cup), followed by the number of lamp cup diameter (unit is 1/8 inch), MR16 diameter=16×1/8=2 inches50mm。

PAR lights generally PAR30 PAR36 PAR46 PAR56, the volume is long and short, also known as downlight, light beam, used to illuminate the stage, dynamic color, etc., is the stage of the common lamps, because the power consumption is relatively large, and there are baked Feeling, and now gradually replaced by LED PAR lamp. AR111 / AR70 is aluminum cold reflective halogen spotlights E27, E14 refers to the ordinary screw cap lamp cap size, E27 is our usual incandescent lamp, E14 is smaller than it One, much larger than E27, and E40. G12 is a single-ended tubular metal halide bulb.

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