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Skype: qiansheng_light facebook: https://www.facebook.com/qianshenglight/?skip_nax_wizard=true facebook: https://twitter.com/Qianshenglight info@qianshenglight.com

Industry News >> What is the basis for judging the failure of LED?
Similar to other electronic components, LED failure is defined as the time required for the device can not be completed within the specified function, that is, the loss of its function as a failure.

When LED failure analysis, it must be followed to carry out non-destructive, reversible and repeatable test, do a half-destructive, non-repeatable experiments, and finally the principle of destructive testing. Should use the appropriate analytical methods to maximize prevent analysis device (DUA) real failure factors, signs of loss or failure of the introduction of new factors, in order to obtain an objective analysis conclusions.

You can use a LED parameter or changes of several parameters as the failure criterion. For example, commonly led luminous strength and the initial value of the ratio of to do judgment, which is defined as: with the growth of such work time, when the luminous intensity IV down to its initial value is a percentage value is considered the LED failure. This percentage value can be 50% or 20%.

Obviously, the assessment of the failure level of a single LED is not significant, usually for a class of the same attributes of the object of the group of failure assessment to have practical significance. That is to say, from a LED group, the number of devices used in a certain period of time and the percentage of the total number of the entire population to evaluate more meaningful, which is to use the so-called failure rate to evaluate the level of device failure.

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