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Industry News >> What is the difference between ceiling light and down light?

 Ceiling light and down light are widely used in various interior projects, qianshenglight can provides you high quality ceiling light and down light, but their differents are below:

1, Different installation positions

The first difference between ceiling light and down light is installation position. Down light installation is usually installed or concealed in two ways, but no matter what way to install, it is generally located on the edge of the ceiling, this is a mosaic of the lamps, always hidden in the corner of the edge , The projection of the light, the direction down, you can mix with different bulbs, reflectors, shutters and other external components, to increase the projection effect of the downlight, occupy the space range is relatively small, belonging to the kind of contrast space atmosphere. But for ceiling light, most are used for indoor decoration, the most important is the use of LED ceiling light, and its decorative effect is the bedroom warm and romantic.

2, Different types

The second difference is the types. Strictly speak, ceiling light is a type of down light, and down lights are generally belong to the energy saving effect, ceiling lights are mainly used for decoration, but now it also can be used the new LED light source to increase the luminous efficiency of ceiling light, playing a role in energy conservation and environmental protection. Ceiling lights are mainly decorative stronger, down light is mainly played a role in the lighting, because the function and characteristic of different, so they will make changes in the use.

3. Different illuminant

The most difference between ceiling light and down light is the Luminous body. Why? Because the light source of the down light is LED light source, and the light bulb as a light carrier. But for ceiling light, the decorative effect of the ceiling is relatively strong, because its inside uses LEDs as a power light Of the carrier, this is the biggest difference between ceiling light and down light from structure. In fact, there are many differences between ceiling light and down light, but whether it is a ceiling light or down light, they are all the main furniture of the main home furnishings.

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